Updating classpath container java lang nullpointerexception

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Updating classpath container java lang nullpointerexception

If you want sbteclipse to generate an explicit classpath, preserving the scala version sbt would have chosen for you, you can set the option `with Bundled Scala Containers` to false. If you need to know, the issue here is on refreshing the Java Build Path window, rather than modifying both classpath containers in the background.

We'd be very eager to receive a contribution from an Eclipse expert on that point !

When the same EJB is deployed to two different clusters, the Invoker Interceptor calls the local EJB instead of the EJB on cluster 2, even though the Initial Context is pointed to the JNDI of a server in cluster 2.

This problem is not yet resolved but to work around the issue, set the following configuration item either via the JAVA_OPTS environment variable or in $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.conf: If you change the database properties via the Admin Console, the changes are persistent.

Scheduled Thread Pool Executor.delayed Execute(Scheduled Thread Pool Executor.java:215) [JBoss] at concurrent.

Scheduled Thread Pool Executor.schedule With Fixed Delay(Scheduled Thread Pool Executor.java:443) [JBoss] at org. Queue Factory Impl.create Queue(Queue Factory Impl.java:97) [JBoss] at org.

Indeed, macros have known important recent developments between 2.10 and 2.11 which makes type checking compatibility between the two extremely difficult.

If you have a significant project that uses 2.10 whitebox macros, you may want to look at 2.10 flavors of the Scala IDE.

Note that this is also the way, in its default operating mode, that sbteclipse generates Scala IDE configurations.

This behavior also applies when not using any Filters. Hibernate can bind the Session Factory to JNDI after startup if it can find the session factory name from the server configuration, however the result in the WARN message, which is misleading in its severity.

For example: criteria.create Criteria("children", Join Fragment. Users can not prevent this message from displaying, and the message itself is usually caused by an environment-specific issue.

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The server attempted to set up a JCA inflow without knowing the messaging type, which resulted in a " This is an illegal configuration as per EJB 2.0 FR2 15.4.2 and EJB 2.1 FR 15.4.2.

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