Nikki sixx and dating

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Nikki sixx and dating

Nikki Sixx got his name from one of his ex-girlfriend's ((ex))boyfriend's name. Nikki couldn't decide what he wanted his name to be and he thought that ((quote))Nikki Seven is just not a cool name((quote)).

Nikki ((Sixx not Syxx)) decided to just go with the word 'six' and add another 'x'.

He said that he loved the guy's name but the guy was totally uncool.

Nikki was seven years old when he first smoked pot. Nikkis father died on Christmas day, when he was in the shower and had a heart attack.

I read the Heroin Diaries and it was the most amazing thing ever. The soundtrack by his side project Sixx: AM was amazing too and did get me through some rough mental times I had around the time it came out.

The book really does give an insight into the life of this one-time heroin addict but if you have any frustration these are some words to remember and live by. It's been like 2 years since it came out and I still think it's amazing. WILLIAM Burroughs and Charles Bukowski are genuine addicts. I'll happily put on my printless Marigolds and bang the tosser up with a final OD. I loved The Dirt, was a brilliant book and the chapter with Vince Neil and his daughter...

The whole do as I say, not as I do message is lost on me.

Finally, someone else who understands what I've always thought of this buffoon. He and his lousy singer, Vince Neil, make me sick to my stomach.The longtime friends, who were spotted holding hands in December, "went on a few dates and that was it."Sixx, 52, wasn't the first musician to be linked to Richards, 39.She dated Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora after her divorce from Charlie Sheen, with whom she has two young daughters. Nikkis mothers boyfriend was taking a bath in the bathroom, Nikki was brushing his teeth from side to side instead of up and down like the boyfriend had taught him.The boyfriend got out of the tub and went over to Nikki and punched him on the side of his face knocking him to the ground.

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There's a CD that goes along with it (has that song and others) Also looking forward to the new Foo Fighters CD being released tomorrow. v=MJDDx HIaa Vk Honestly I fail to see why such 80's hair rockers should be idolized by people..they were good musicians, but they didn't really believe in what they were doing and just totally sold out for fame, money, and drugs which they all pissed away partying."Honestly I fail to see why such 80's hair rockers should be idolized by people..they were good musicians".....let's not get carried away. Then six weeks later another close friend died in drunk driving accident so to read a book which basically glorifies these things repulses me.

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